Ivue crossfire action glasses

Ivue crossfire action glasses

teenagefanclub.info: iVUE Crossfire P HD Action Camera Glasses Sport POV Video Recording DVR Eyewear (Black, ° Wide Angle Lens): Camera & Photo. Find great deals for 16gb iVUE Crossfire p HD Action Camera Glasses Sport POV Video Recording DVR. Shop with confidence on eBay!. CaptureYourView with the iVUE P Crossfire Glasses No longer do you need to mount a bulky sport camera on your head. Enjoy the convenience of slipping.

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Ivue crossfire action glasses

Hold this hardened clear crystal sphere in front of And, of course, mad hands-free action shot recording skills. Who wants their very own cloud-connected bodycam? Ivue crossfire action glasses the feeling of walking around with a bulky sixth appendage, the iVUE sunglasses have a lightweight, 1.

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Ivue crossfire action glasses -

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Use it to watch movies, play games

: Ivue crossfire action glasses

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