Subway sandwich day 2018

Subway sandwich day 2018

It's World Sandwich Day! To celebrate we are selling Chicken Classic 6-inch® subs for $6 and Footlong® subs for $9. Simply show the QR code below and. Here's where you can get freebies and discounts during National Sandwich Day on Nov. 3. 9 deals you can score Saturday for National Sandwich Day Enquirer Published a.m. ET Nov. 2, | Updated p.m. ET Nov. 2, play Subway - Subway will donate a meal to Feeding America with the purchase of a sub and.

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Subway sandwich day 2018

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Subway sandwich day 2018 -

Signs Store Deal in Texas. Also, check out Leah's newest venture-- Pawsome Doggie , selling doggie-themed bakeware and cake pans, and unique gifts for dog lovers! Sandwich shops around the country are offering limited-time promotions on Saturday to celebrate National Sandwich Day. Rewards members can get a free entree sandwich or salad with any kids meal purchase. Roberts , Editor Joanna Gaines: Skip to main content.

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  • National Sandwich Day Deals: Best Promotions From Subway, Jersey Mike's Subs and More
  • CELEBRATE! NATIONAL SANDWICH DAY. Subway is going BIG today, for every sub and 30 oz. drink purchased, you'll...
  • All you be undergoing to do is determine to be a judged on the web...

  • Subway Partners with Feeding America for World Sandwich Day - Restaurant News - QSR magazine

Email Address Please enter a valid email address. QSR is a registered trademark of Journalistic, Inc. Refresh your page, login and Subway sandwich day 2018 again. Newsweek has rounded up the best promotions across the United States. Inside the Digital Future of Restaurant Loyalty.

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Subway sandwich day 2018 -

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That is, for every Subway purchase made on the Subway app and Subway. The fast-casual sub sandwich franchise is celebrating an entire month—Monday through Thursday in November—of sandwich promos and give-aways. Sandwich shops around the country are offering limited-time promotions on Saturday to celebrate National Sandwich Day.

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