Joby griptight gorillapod stand

Joby griptight gorillapod stand

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand PRO for Smartphone-Black at Amazon UK. The streamlined version of our flexible pro-level GorillaPod® tripods, the GripTight ONE GP Stand is always up for exploring extreme angles while. GripTight GorillaPod Stand PRO fits any smartphone and offers a robust, locking and rotating solution for more optimal set-up of photos and videos, plus.

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Joby griptight gorillapod stand

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The Best SmartPhone Tripod. JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand XL Review

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Discontinued Update Location close. Rated 5 out of 5 by Chuck E from Perfect for my use Holds my iPhone 6S at the perfect angle to make easy tuning changes for my musical instruments using a tuning app and also holds the phone at a convenient angle while running Joby griptight gorillapod stand metronome app.

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I use it for live streaming on facebook and other platforms. Plus, a quick-release clip stays connected to the mount for an instant setup.

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