Western union phone number to redeem points

Western union phone number to redeem points

Enter your My WU number with every Western Union® money transfer. Redeem your points for rewards and discount offers from selected brands with a few. Earn 30 My WU® points when you use your My WU number when sending or 10 My WU points Redeem your points for service fee discounts and member promotions. All you need is your My WU number or phone number for form-free . Log on to your Western Union profile. Your My WU number and available points will be displayed. To redeem points over the phone, call Customer Care.

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It is predatory and unethical. Fee paid in CHF Reward points 1 1. After several times going in a circle repeating these things to one another, I asked him to transfer me to someone else.

I use their service by sending money not to too many people, and on an occasion or two I received money Western union phone number to redeem points people. Never trust this Western Union for any money transfer. Western Union Show pages at the same navigation level.

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How to Redeem Western Union Points

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Western union phone number to redeem points -

These people are liars!!!! Such a lame excuse to be lazy on your work. Avoid Western Union at all costs. The Refer-a-Friend promotional program rewards customers who invite others to use Western Union.

Do not send money through Western Union. After several times going in a circle repeating these things to one another, I asked him to transfer me to someone else. So to everyone do not use Western Union.

Western union phone number to redeem points

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