Neopets alien aisha vending machine prizes

Neopets alien aisha vending machine prizes

Some Nerkmids are extremely rare, and worth a lot, so any Neopian who This was later removed, and replaced with the Alien Aisha machine that we see today. Hit GO to get your prize - losing the Nerkmid - but also gaining you an avatar. I paid M for 50 Nerkmids of all sorts. I got around 15 free ones from the machine, give or take. My prizes were all kinds of gross food, faeries. The Alien Aisha Vending Machine is a game run by a small army of Alien Aishas. To play the Vending Machine, simply travel over to the Neopian Plaza, or the Vending There is a large prize pool for the Vending Machine.

Neopets alien aisha vending machine prizes -

Overcome your fear of spending at least k for a nerkmid that may get you a gross food which you will sell for NP If you have these things, continue on, reading… Where: It's advantageous to spend Nerkmids at the beginning of the month after the table has been wiped for the beginning of the month, as later in the month there will have been more lucky people with large amounts of NP that came through already.

January 28th — Prizes have improved. Please contact Anime if you have any questions regarding this action. The best thing about using a nerkmid is to come after using it! Winner for our Second Special Edition Contest!

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Neopets alien aisha vending machine prizes -

Sadly what he finds is not always pleasant. The item prizes are roughly divided into four groups: You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of Neopets. Sometimes you get rare items. Which nerkmid do you use?

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: Neopets alien aisha vending machine prizes

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Neopets alien aisha vending machine prizes

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