My dog ate a box of chocolates

My dog ate a box of chocolates

You are probably here reading “My Dog Ate Chocolate” because you are worried . But if your adult Lab just ate a small square of milk chocolate. Even a little chocolate can harm Fido. Find out what to do even if your dog doesn' t seem sick from chocolate. Your dog just discovered (and devoured) your. If you've discovered that your dog has accidentally eaten a large amount of chocolate, all is not lost. If you act quickly, your pet can be saved.

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My dog ate chocolate

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My dog ate a box of chocolates

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It will assist your vet if you can tell them how much chocolate your dog ate, what type it was — wrappers can be very helpful — and when your dog ate it. Chocolate poisoning mainly affects the heart, central nervous system and kidneys. However, for West Highland Terriers weighing just 10kg these amounts should be reduced by two-thirds.

But bear in mind white chocolate is high in fat, buttermilk and sugar so may cause a stomach upset. If you discover your dog ate chocolate try My dog ate a box of chocolates work out what type it was, how much they ate and when they ate it. Concerns have been raised, however, that many chocolate toxicity cases go unreported. How to treat a dog for chocolate poisoning?

What you need to know about dogs and chocolate:

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