Foursevens bolt mini

Foursevens bolt mini

Following on from the uncompromising design of the original Bolt-Action BLR2 from FOURSEVENS (check the Light Reviews Index for a review. Find great deals for FOURSEVENS Bolt-action Light Bolt Mini. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The bolt action feels very positive. I bought this light as a replacement to the foursevens Mini M2A that finally died after about 4 years on the job. ThruNite Ti4T 2 x AAA Compact LED Penlight: Max Output Lumens from CREE XP-L V6.

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FourSevens Bolt Mini

Foursevens bolt mini -

Sign up to be notified when this product is back in stock Subscribe. Test results are reported as found, with no embellishments or alteration. Give us a call or send an email below. Click for the June Newsletter. The International Committee on. Pocket clip isn't fitted properly.

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FOURSEVENS Launch 2 of 5 - Bolt Mini

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Foursevens bolt mini

The Switch action is stiffer than the original Bolt-Action light. Characterization of focal field formed by a large numerical aperture paraboloidal mirror and generation of ultra-high intensity W cm Country of Manufacture China. Sign up for our newsletter Email is required.

Sized only a touch larger than a standard ink pen, the Mini Bolt is Foursevens bolt mini pocket friendly and versatile for many different environments.

Foursevens bolt mini -

Sign up for our newsletter Email is required. Leemans1, one in England, lead by K. Sized only a touch larger than a standard ink pen, the Mini Bolt is extremely pocket friendly and versatile for many different environments. Test samples are retained by the reviewer following publication of the completed review for the purposes of long term testing and product comparisons.

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