Are you supposed to tip carpet installers

Are you supposed to tip carpet installers

Not customary, but any installers who do great work or go above and beyond Tip anyone you feel has gone above and beyond what they're. I'm so fucking sick of tipping every person who walks in my house. Image and . Can you offer to buy them lunch and give them a pop instead?. There's been one main guy that has done the majority of the work- he's employed by the flooring store we bought the carpet from. Do we tip him.

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It's enough for a soda or a sandwich. Second, make sure you're not already paying for this. Or have the stuff sitting around waiting on husband or teen son to be available. The same day, linoleum or something was placed in the kitchen and dining areas by a different company. Are you supposed to tip carpet installers, I'd always move furniture, vaccuum, etc.

Do you tip your doctor after surgery or dentist after filling a cavity.

Are you supposed to tip carpet installers

Tip for Carpet Installers And/or Furniture Delivery People?

Are you supposed to tip carpet installers -

You may be doing this already, but ask them if they'd like a drink. Your installer will thank you for it. Jan 22, Messages: Tip the installer if they had done any extra job like heavy furniture shifting. Apr 5, Messages: They were also contractors who work for the carpet store, a pretty common situation.

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