Borderlands 2 moxxis slot machine prizes

Borderlands 2 moxxis slot machine prizes

The Price and Maximum Item Level you can get from the Slot Machine are based on the game host's Story Progress and Current Level. Slot Machines are a mini-game in Borderlands 2 from the Slot Machines? 5 Slot Machine Odds of winning a prize; 6 Winning Combinations Table; 7 JACKPOT See: Moxxi Slot Machines Odds, Probabilities and Statistics. The value of slot machines is: A. class skins B. easy eridium Before gambling tip Moxxi some money and your odds improve. and vehicle camos some are drops some a quest rewards other are given for certain badass.

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Borderlands 2 Guide: Mad Moxxi Secret & Gambling

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Borderlands 2: Slot Machines

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  • Slot machines are interactive objects introduced in Borderlands 2. Known combinations and rewards Sanctuary (x2) in Moxxi's - Complete 'Jackpot!'...
Borderlands 2 moxxis slot machine prizes

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Got me a rather spiffy SMG from her. Probably spent well over an hour in total at the slots during the first playthrough.

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