Stars lottery saskatchewan prizes

Stars lottery saskatchewan prizes

STARS unveiled one of two grand prize show homes in their annual information or to purchase tickets, visit We maintain our own list of the major prize winners for the Saskatchewan STARS Lottery for reference and research purposes, but want to remind our. Thank you, Saskatchewan, for supporting STARS as you have for the last This year's lottery featured roughly 2, prizes worth more than $4.

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STARS Lottery Pilot Butte prize home bedroom Stars lottery saskatchewan prizes

Stars lottery saskatchewan prizes -

Neil McMahon August 21, at 7: Stars Lottery Saskatchewan website — starslotterysaskatchewan. Game puck promotion to benefit Jumpstart November 8, Cindy Seidl, provincial director of Saskatchewan operations said the net proceeds represent nearly 25 per cent of the funds STARS needs to raise every year to operate its Saskatoon and Regina bases.

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  • You will never be asked to send money to claim a...
  • STARS Lottery unveils Saskatoon show home | Saskatoon StarPhoenix

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