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Poems by William Wordsworth | Academy of American Poets

His sister, the poet and diarist Dorothy Wordsworth, to whom he was close all his life, was born the following year, and the two were baptised together. Wordsworth was taught to read by his mother and attended, first, a tiny school of low quality in Cockermouth, then a school in Penrith for the children of upper-class families, where he was taught by Ann Birkett, who insisted on instilling in her students traditions that included pursuing both scholarly and local activities, especially the festivals around Easter, May Day and Shrove Tuesday.

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Lyrical Ballads, The prelude. William Wordsworth was one of the greatest English poets who, along with other poet and friend Samuel Coleridge, ushered into the English Romantic faction with the publication of their joint work Lyrical Ballads in Wordsworth is mainly known for his autobiographical poem the prelude, initially known as To Coleridge- which he expanded many times in his later life, and the work was published posthumously. William Wordsworth also wrote a number of other poems including The Lucy poems and Poems in Two Volumes that came in year