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Conviction upheld under NC video sweepstakes ban :: teenagefanclub.info

Attorney General Roy Cooper said the case was the first sweepstakes-related conviction to make it to the Supreme Court, and the justices' decision to leave the Court of Appeals ruling intact means the state ban on the game remains the law of the land. The case stemmed from the April arrests of Richard Conoley Chapman and Kawana Spruill, the owner and manager, respectively, of a Tabor City business where people could play sweepstakes games. State lawmakers banned such games in , and the Supreme Court upheld the ban two years later. Still, game makers adjusted their software, arguing that revealing prizes upfront and allowing people to then play games was legal under state law.

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House Bill would make it a Class G mid-level felony to possess two or more video gaming or "sweepstakes" machines in an establishment. Law enforcement would be authorized to seize the machines and shut down the operation immediately. Destin Hall, R-Caldwell, said he had been asked by his local sheriff to take action to halt the growth of large video gambling establishments, which have multiplied across the state.