When does aol gold start

When does aol gold start

To continue using the AOL Desktop software, users will need to pay or give up the software entirely and begin accessing AOL e-mail via a. At some point, they will stop email support on the older free AOL If you don't want to pay the $ per month fee to use AOL Desktop Gold. Did you receive a notice that your AOL Desktop Gold is inactive? Get back to navigating AOL with ease by reactivating your AOL Desktop Gold.

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AOL Desktop Gold

July 31, at 7: In addition, it seems that different AOL users are getting notified about the upgrade at different times. Aol wants money, not happy customers! The AOL gold is the greatest rip off in this day and age.

As a senior citizen, I have found it the most user friendly for my needs. I tried it for 5 minutes.

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How to Download AOL Desktop Gold

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When does aol gold start

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