Subway surfers moscow weekly hunt prizes for students

Subway surfers moscow weekly hunt prizes for students

For every edition of subway surfers: World Tour, there are four Weekly Hunt. complete the Hunt, you must find a certain number of Tokens to receive a reward. The Weekly Hunt, similar to the Daily Challenge, is an event that requires the player to collect a certain amount of tokens to receive a prize. while pumpkins are needed to be collected in Subway Surfers World Tour: New Orleans, Matryoshka Dolls (Moscow); Pumpkins (New Orleans); Little Christmas Trees ( London). Flamingos are tokens needed to be collected for the Weekly Hunt in the Miami edition. They represent pink flamingos. Hunt Prize Miami week 1.

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: Subway surfers moscow weekly hunt prizes for students

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  • The Weekly Hunt, similar to the Daily Challenge, is an event that requires the player to collect a certain...
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Subway surfers moscow weekly hunt prizes for students

Subway surfers moscow weekly hunt prizes for students -

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Subway surfers moscow weekly hunt prizes for students -

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