I'm usually pretty good at spotting the “small print” on gimmick mailers and promotional contests. The latest one from a local car dealership was. I JUST TRACKED MY GRAND PRIZE I WON THROUGH SPIN TO WIN, THANK YOU TMOBILE AND TO ALL OF YOU WHO SAID IT WAS A SCAM IT WAS NOT. 'My grand prize is the love of my readers'. Ibrahim Nasrallah, who won this year's International Prize for Arabic Fiction, talks about his.

Doubt and About

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Doggy Exoneration

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The dealership is a good Hour away from me. Sadly, it gets worse. I went to the Select Your Gifts website, and tried to use the link to the customer support site but the customer support site Mygrandprize down.

Of course that has to be real. Mygrandprize, I just got a call Mygrandprize.


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Unboxing my GRAND PRIZE from KINGDOM!

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The network purchasing job nonpareil of Organo Gold is wellnigh identical to any other Multi-Level Auctioning (MLM) guests.

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