Bejeweled scratch card prizes left on lottery

Bejeweled scratch card prizes left on lottery

National Lottery's Millionaire 7s scratchcards remain on sale even after The National Lottery's blue “Millionaire 7s” scratchcard game, which. The UK's The National Lottery scratch card scam. How Camelot The ones they promote or feature and try to entice you most to buy each day, invariably have no major prizes left. Or, they hide £, bejeweled £3 No jackpots remaining. National Lottery Scratchcard Prizes. National Lottery Scratchcards give The remaining prizes for all scratchcards currently on sale in the UK are shown below .

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Bejeweled scratch card prizes left on lottery

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National Lottery: on some scratchcards it’s impossible to win top prizes

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Bejeweled scratch card prizes left on lottery Watkins home business Bejeweled scratch card prizes left on lottery

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: Bejeweled scratch card prizes left on lottery

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The National Lottery scratch card scam. However, as a region we pale into insignificance compared to every other region in the UK. All those millions of hopeful people buying my instant lottery cards dreaming of something that is pure fantasy because its an elaborate scratch card scam!

I have personally been watching this very well disguised and clever UK lottery scam for quite a while. How to Win the Lottery: You cannot advertise and sell Bejeweled scratch card prizes left on lottery scratch games which advertise big prizes when the reality is, there are no big prizes left.

Bejeweled scratch card prizes left on lottery -

But like I said earlier, this is a UK government monitored Camelot and the National Lottery is considered part of Britain's institution, so who would suspect some crafty skulduggery? By Joanne Sweeney September 10 Well, here is some recent results which expose possibly the biggest lottery scam - and its right here in the UK.

And millions of people are scammed by it every week. If you study the National Lottery's own fact sheets of all the various scratch card games they sell both on and off line, you will notice a chilling truth.

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