Irish free state hospitals sweepstake ticket

Irish free state hospitals sweepstake ticket

Beautiful Sweepstake Ticket from the Irish Free State Hospitals issued in This historic document was printed by the Dollard LTD. Company and has an. IRISH FREE STATE HOSPITAL'S SWEEPSTAKE TICKET THE DERBY RUN AT EPSOM ENGLAND JUNE COMPLETE TBE RARE (Item number. Irish Free State Hospitals Sweepstake Ticket THE CAMBRIDGESHIRE Horse Race EUR ; + EUR postage. Irish free state hospitals sweepstake ticket

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Postage cost can't be calculated. Sweepstake Ticket Counterfoil Currency: Fortune Magazine described it as "a private company run for profit and its handful of stockholders have used their earnings from the sweepstakes to build a group of industrial enterprises that loom quite large in the modest Irish economy. United Kingdom and many other countries See details. Please let us know how we may be of service to you. Add to basket .

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Cesarewitch Sweepstakes - Mixing Counterfoils In Dublin (1937)


Irish Free State Hospitals Sweepstake Ticket - Ireland 1937

Irish free state hospitals sweepstake ticket -

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