Odds of winning powerball prizes in california

Odds of winning powerball prizes in california

There was no jackpot winner in California for this draw. But there are 50, winning tickets and the jackpot just got bigger! Get your ticket for the next draw. Information on the California SuperLotto Plus prizes. View the odds of winning and how many numbers you need for a chance to win the jackpot. The odds of winning the first prize Super Lotto jackpot are a horrendous 1 in Lottery Strategies to help you win California Super Lotto Plus.

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Odds of winning powerball prizes in california

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Download California Lottery Results. MacKenzie, 84, who purchased the "quick pick" ticket at a Publix supermarket. The drawing order of the five white balls is irrelevant; all tickets show the white ball numbers in ascending order.

Additional best tools for this game. When you read articles about jackpot winners, it appears as though they all used either Quick Picks, birth dates, or their children's ages.

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